Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jordan Liflander

Coleman O’Connell

Paul Schimmenti

Coleman O’Connell

David Stoltz

Lynn Pokey

Mike Martinez

Elizabeth Loftis

Patrick Kelly

Christanne Burton


Patrick & Alison Foley

    and unborn twins

Dary Osorio Leon

Madelyn Williams

Bobby Biggerstaff

Cathy Conner

Gloria Lowe

Renato Baldisserotto

Richard Donovan

Barbara Smith

Ken Klatte

Ginni Bennett

Patrick Daniel


Pray also for those in nursing homes, hospitals or home bound. If you would like a name to remain on the prayer list for more than three weeks, please contact the parish office.  If you know of someone who is home-bound, in the hospital or a nursing home who would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact the parish office at 582-0674.




Airman 1st Class Imanol Ortega, USAF

Col. John Leong, USA

Cdr. Joseph Martin, USN

Cpl Brandon Ray Pruitt, USMC

TSgt. Billyjoe Welling, USAF

Capt. C. S. Lavelle, USAF - ANG

MSgt Tyler Loftis, Air Force-NCANG

Capt. Adam G. Farrar, USA

LTJG Micah Shute, USN

SSGT. Chad Michael Campbell. USA

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