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St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church has a Strategic Planning effort underway to help our Parish set direction, prioritize and align expectations.  We look forward to your participation to ensure that we represent the voice of the Parish.  Our planning process covers the follow pillars and the leaders for those areas are listed as well.  


Christian Outreach/Kathy Dunleavy

Communications/Michaeleen Davis and Matias Mariani

Facilities/Mike Shea and Eric Rice

Faith Formation/Norma Stokes

Parish Life/Jack Klein

School /Roberta Bigger

Worship/Deacon Bob Mahaffey and Laurie Mitro



Pastoral 2018-2023 - The Pastoral Council and Finance Committees guide the Parish through the Plan.  


Updated Pillar Goals

Use the link below to learn more.

New Pillar: Liturgy Pillar

Liturgy Pillar- Our mission has been to build a welcoming community through the liturgy by increasing
participation, increasing opportunities for faith formation, promoting reverence at Mass, and expanding
variety/diversity at Mass.
Leaders: Lauri Mitro and Bob Mahaffey
Participants: Mario Insabella, Bonnie Wacker, Kaitlyn Gibson, Columbus Thoms, Julia Slaughter, Youmi
Efurd, Ingeborg Haddox, John Roche, Francisco Alvarez.
Accomplishments and ongoing work:
1. Established a Liturgy Committee for the parish
2. Recruited more ministers, Extraordinary Ministers, Lectors, and Altar Servers
3. Working toward more multi-cultural diversity in our liturgies, e.g. the Feast of Our Lady of
4. Encouraging more reverence at Mass. As a start, we have added extended moments of silence
particularly during the Liturgy of the Word.
5. Incorporating additional musical diversity including new instruments.
6. In conjunction with the Communications Pillar, lectors will now introduce the Mass and make
any pulpit announcements before Mass begins.

We welcome feedback and suggestions from the parish.

Apr 13, 2018



1. Adult Faith Formation

a. Qualified Speakers on Catholic Topics quarterly.

b. Different types of educational opportunities on a regular schedule.

c. Pastoral Direction on current topics from the pulpit.


2. Parish Wide Faith Formation

a. Lenten Mission for 2019

b. Advent Mission for 2018

c. Maintain FORMED subscription


3. Catechist (Religious Education Teacher) Formation

a. Continuing Education Opportunities

b. Participate in Webinars

c. In-Service Training


4. Homeschool Formation

a. Register children

b. Sacraments

c. Mailings


5. Youth Ministry

a. Hire a Director of Youth Ministry

b. Maintain a strong social media presence

c. Develop a leadership team of youth and adults


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